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Welcome to Wafer: a simple and lightweight base library for building Web Components that can be used on the browser, server or both.

Wafer is:

  • Small 🪶
    <2kb (minified and compressed)

  • Fast ⚡️
    Template updates are declared using CSS selectors leveraging native browser performance

  • Efficient 🔋
    Updates are batched preventing any unnecessary renders

  • Flexible 💪🏾
    Import directly, drop in a <script> tag, or use your favourite bundler

  • Server ready ▶️
    Wafer components can be used unchanged in browsers and on the server


Please visit the documentation site. To get started checkout how to install Wafer, read through a quick guide outlining the basic concepts, or dive in to a live example.


The Wafer package contains both the client and server libraries. To install for use with build tools and/or server usage, use your favourite package manager:

npm install --save @lamplightdev/wafer

You can then import the required base class:

import Wafer from "@lamplightdev/wafer";

class MyExample extends Wafer {}

customElements.define("my-example", MyExample);

or import directly from a CDN to use without a package manager or bundler:

import Wafer from "https://unpkg.com/@lamplightdev/wafer";

Alternatively if you are feeling retro use a <script> tag:

<script src="https://unpkg.com/@lamplightdev/wafer/dist/wafer.browser.js"></script>
  class MyExample extends Wafer {}

  customElements.define("my-example", MyExample);

On the server Wafer is available as both an ES and a CJS module:

// ES module
import WaferServer from "@lamplightdev/wafer/server/wafer.js";
// or CJS
const WaferServer = require("@lamplightdev/wafer/server/wafer");

class MyExample extends WaferServer {}


The source files are located in the /src folder, and can be built with:

npm run build

This will lint the code, create Typescript types from JSDoc comments, run tests and finally build the package files. To run these steps individually please see the scripts entries in package.json.


All contributions are welcome - please file an issue or submit a PR.


The code is released under the MIT license.


Wafer was created by Chris (@lamplightdev) - say hi!

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